UZRUltimate Zone Rating
UZRUniversitätszentrum Rottenmann (Austria)
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Team performances could be based on more than RPG-residual and BABIP, but could also integrate team Saved Runs, team UZR, the Total Zone ratings from Baseball-Reference, or the summed player totals from Michael Humphreys' Wizardry.
Some websites, such as FanGraphs, are dedicated to the analysis and reporting of the most esoteric of baseball stats like UZR and WAR.
UZR is a measure of the actual number of runs a player saves because of his defense.
According to UZR, the Mariners' defense went from 21 runs (relative to the MLB average defense) in 2008 to + 86 runs in 2009.
If you're a ballplayer, you probably think more, for example, about how this or that kind of glove webbing might work for you than you do about UZR and whether that or Plus/Minus is a fairer indication of your fielding performance.
The Ultimate Zone Ratings (UZR) by Mitchel Lichtman (21) are the state of the art in complex fielding analysis based on zones.