UACHUniversidad Autónoma de Chihuahua
UAChUniversidad Autónoma Chapingo (Mexico)
UACHUniversity-Affiliated Children's Hospital
UACHUnited Aircraft Contract Hire (Hampshire, England)
UACHUniversidad Austral de Chile (Spanish)
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UACh male students think of their sexuality as an uncontrollable set of animal instincts that require immediate satisfaction.
These were some of the reasons given by male and female participants when they were asked if they knew of someone who had left the UACh and the reasons for doing so:
Except for the last two cases, the reason for leaving the UACh was homophobia.
This paper examines the relationship between gossip, heterosexuality, and hegemonic masculinity in the everyday interaction of second-year high school students at UACh.
On the one hand, UACh has a great infrastructure, including computer labs and access to information technologies, library, and classroom facilities.
The local project was not only to transform the UACh undergraduate teaching system but to help other regional universities achieve similar goals.
An estimated fifty-five faculty have participated in the experience, thirty-four of them coming from UACh, the rest from other universities and research centers.
To give a more concrete idea of the pedagogical approach of the UACh Honors Program, we describe the most recent seminar, "Philosophies of Development," which was taught during the second semester of 2005.
Institutionally, the community is trying to create the conditions for becoming an incubator of local community-based projects in the area served by UACh.
There is already in place a structure, a clear sense of the value of Honors in itself and for UACh, and a cadre of professionals on campus who can help to build on the foundation already established.
Overall, the honors experience has demonstrated its aptness for a Latin Amercan regional university such as UACh.