UBATUnited Bank and Trust
UBATUtan Bara Adventure Team (jungle tours; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
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Dichas proporciones eran comunes en los humedales de la Sabana de Bogota y el valle del ro Ubat hasta 1998 (Schmidt-Mumm, 1998), pero en los humedales evaluados las eudicotiledoneas se encontraban en una proporcion de 3, 5:1 en el humedal La Florida, de 2, 2:1 en Jaboque y de 1, 5:1 en Jaboque Norte, lo que confirma la reduccion de la riqueza de plantas nativas de los humedales debido a la degradacion y la prdida de su habitat.
Vegetacion Acuatica y Palustre de la Sabana de Bogota y Plano del Ro Ubat (Tesis de Maestra).
UBAT is currently in its planning stage and is estimated to cost $5bn.
UBAT is owned by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
The following day, preparing to leave Pa' Umor, he wrote: I told 2 Indonesians that the Pa Mein ubat racket had got to stop.
He went on to mention having created a "new ubat adat"--his own new rule regarding the dispensing of medicine--which, as we know from his memoir, never took effect.
However, under the part 4.14 of this guideline, Glutacaps HQ up to this date did not show Kementerian Kesihatan Lembaga Iklan Ubat number, and not even stated the name, address, and contact number of advertiser on every advertisement post.
Other examples included: sarah ("women's weakness"), muntah dara, ("blood in vomit"), ubat ratang ("disease that dissolves nasal cartilage"), and others.
Different concentrations of plant extract and standard antioxidants (as per protocol) were p reinc ubated with homogenate for 10 min at 37[degrees]C.