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UBBIYou Better Believe It
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Staff with 25 years service were: Bill Leach, Tutor in Accountancy, The Business School; Dr Martin Sibley, Research Leader, School of Computing and Engineering; Kuldip Ubbi, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing and Engineering; Susan Hayward, Senior Computing Officer, Computing and Library Services; Toni Nugent, Administrator, Estates & Facilities; Michael Winrow, Campus Support, Estates and Facilities; Niall Dew, senior lecturer, School of Human and Health Sciences; Dr Susan Shaw, lecturer, School of Human and Health Sciences; Susan Smith, PA to Head of Department, School of Human and Health Sciences; Amanda Shaw, Senior Clerical Officer, International Office; Dr Rob Burton, senior lecturer, School of Human and Health Sciences.
Ubbi 9-0, Aya Darwaish 9-0, Red Boy 9-0, Mozrat 8-12, Bano 8-6, Lovey Dovey 8-6, Desert Gold 8-6, Sohna Lal 8-6, Babbu Prince 8-4, Good Action 7-12, Free My Heart 7-8, Maria 7-8, Dance of Life 7-4, Sonay Ki Chirya 7-4.
Subs: Ubbi, Wise, Moss, Morgan, Berry, Turner, Howgill.
Al llan 9-0, Turan Prince 9-0, Butt The Great 9-0, Anmole One 9-0, Sarai Norang 8-10, Ubbi 8-6, Aya Darwaish 8-6, Sweet Sania 8-6, Red Boy 8-6, Big Lady 8-2.
The Game Changer 9-0, Aie Desert 8-12, Silent Warrior 8-10, Safdar Princess 8-10, Dil De Ruba 8-8, Chan Punjabi 8-6, Ubbi 8-6, Red Boy 8-6, Butt The Great 8-4, Al Ilan 8-2, Asim Prince 8-2, Mohni Queen 8-2, Bholi Bhali 8-2, Khan Jan 8-0, Turab Prince 7-10.
Junior Academy (home, opponents tba, ko 11.00, meet 10.00) from: West, Bravo, Cox, Cornelius, Moss, Morgan, Booth, Howgill, Rowan, Joyce, Stephens, Harris, Slater, Walker, Rogers, Wise, Smith, Ubbi, Walker, Quarmby, Bamford.
The Mighty Punkit 9-0, Piyara Saeen 9-0, Minding 8-10, Shan-e-Sikandar 8-10, Neeli The Great 8-8, Haider Jan 8-4, Punjabi Riwaj 8-0, One Four Seven 8-0, Aya Darvesh 8-0, Red Boy 8-0, Ubbi 8-0, Gambler Boy 7-12, Silent Warrior 7-8.
Three pupils - Emily French, 18, Rebecca Ubbi, 18, and 19-year-old Joanna O'Neill - were highly praised when they passed their intermediate ballet exams.
Shan-e-Sikandar 9-0, Helena 8-4, Punjabi Rawaj 8-4, Ubbi 8-4, Ahmed Princess 8-4, High On Life 8-4, Aya Darwaish 8-4, Miss Ravi Road 8-0, Bholi Bhali 8-0, Mohni Queen 8-0, The Game Changer 7-12, Gambler Boy 7-12, One Man Show 7-8.
Instrumental recital all ages - 1 A Whitwam, 2 B Howson, 3 R Ubbi and R Sanders.