UBNUnion Bank of Nigeria
UBNUnsatisfied Basic Needs (poverty measurement)
UBNUnited Blood Nation (gang)
UBNUnity Broadcasting Network (Christian TV network)
UBNUnity Business Networks LLC (various locations; network solutions)
UBNUkraine Banner Network
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In this paper, we are interested in investigating the local impact of gold mining activity on several socio-economic indicators in the Colombian municipalities, as the unmet basic needs (hereafter UBN), some poverty measures such as the Multidimensional Poverty Index (hereafter MPI), and others related to number of people with access to public utilities (as% of the population).
His Excellency Ali Jasim Ahmed, General Manager of Umm Al Quwain Broadcasting Network (UBN) commented: "We are proud to hold the partnership with Zee Entertainment, the leading global company in the media industry with a strong presence in the UAE and across Middle East.
This transaction will bring Atlas Mara's total holding in UBN to 29.9%, including the stake it already owns indirectly through its subsidiary ADC African Development Corporation AG (ADC).
2 September 2011 - Shareholders of Union Bank of Nigeria (NIG:UBN), or UBN, will convene at the end of the current month to vote on an agreement with its major investor, African Capital Alliance Consortium, Bloomberg said today, citing an emailed statement from the bank.
A household presents an UBN in this dimension if any of the following two conditions are verified:
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has asked Union Bank of Nigeria Plc (UBN) to return money to investors after its recent rights issue failed to pass the required threshold.
Nigeria-based Union Bank (UBN.LG), which was one of the banks rescued by the central bank last year, is discussing a recapitalisation plan with a core investor.
Tender notice number : F()/PGIVER/RKVY-CDSRZ/2019-20/42 DATE 11-07-2019, UBN:VAU1920GSOB00021
Intercontinental Bank Plc (INTERCON), Union Bank Nigeria Plc (UBN) and Finbank Plc (FIRSTINL) will benefit from the move, which was initiated after the lenders signed transaction agreements with new investors.
Nigeria's Union Bank (UBN.LG), which was among several banks rescued in a USD4bn bailout in 2009, has said that it will complete the recapitalisation of the bank before the central bank's September deadline and will sign the final agreements with its core investors, Reuters has reported.