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UBUUniversity of Bristol Union (Bristol, England)
UBUUbon Ratchathani University (Thailand)
UBUUniversity of Burgos (Spain)
UBUUnified Biostatistical Utility
UBUUrban Bomb Unit
UBUUniversiteits Bibliotheek Utrecht
UBUUniversity of Bradford Union (UK)
UBUUgly But Useful (golf; poor shot that ends up being good)
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"We are back to the same politics driven by money and interests after five years of military rule," said Titipol Phakdeewanich, dean of the faculty of political science at Ubon Ratchathani University. Opponents of military rule complained that the election system was set up to ensure that Thailand's generals kept their hands on power and that multiple obstacles hampered them in the March 24 general election.
INDIA is expected to strengthen economic ties with Thailand and the Asean region this year through joining the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and its participation in the on-going trilateral highway project, according to a Ubon Ratchathani University lecturer.
'Despite India's concerns about its trade deficits with Asean countries and China, it would be missing out on a key economic opportunity to establish a presence in the fast-growing Asean region if it did not join the RCEP,' said Piyanat Soikham, lecturer in politics and international relations at Ubon Ratchathani University, during an exclusive interview with The Nation.
(1) Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine and Public Health, Ubon Ratchathani University, Ubon Ratchathani, 34190, Thailand.
The gambit to nominate a member of the royal family could backfire on Thai Raksa Chart, said Titipol Phakdeewanich, dean of the faculty of political science at Ubon Ratchathani University.
These will be piloted and adapted to different local contexts, and up-scaled across the five countries through a network of nationally based innovation specialists, each having a thematic project-wide coordinating role, and technical experts who will only work as needs arise.This project is led by Chiang Mai University in Thailand with nodal partners across the Mekong region, including the Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute, Cambodia; National University of Laos; World Fish Centre, Myanmar; Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand; and Can Tho University, Vietnam.
ALEXANDER is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand.
Kaewpirom, "Controlled-release fertilizer based on chitosan hydrogel: phosphorus release kinetics," The Science Journal Ubon Ratchathani University, vol.
(5) Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ubon Ratchathani University, Ubon Ratchathani 34190, Thailand
(c.) Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ubon Ratchathani University, Ubon Ratchathani 34190, Thailand
I moved to Ubon Ratchathani in late 2006, finding employment at Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU).
Partners: The National Anti-Corruption Commission, The Office of Public Sector Development Commission, The Comptroller Generals Department,True Coffee Ltd, The Anti-Corruption Organization, Khon Kaen University, Ubon Ratchathani University