UCPSUnion County Public Schools (North Carolina)
UCPSUniversity Counseling and Psychological Services (Lehigh University; Bethlehem, PA)
UCPSUnion County Paratransit System (New Jersey)
UCPSUnie Ceskych Peveckych Sboru (Czech: Union of Czech Choirs)
UCPSUniversal Content Processing Services
UCPSUnión de Colonias de la Puerta Sur (Jalisco, Mexico)
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(81) In his empirical review of the use of UCPs by Canadian courts, Dominic DiFruscio reports that Canadian courts used UCPs to invalidate legislation 14 times between 1982 and 2014, while they relied on UCPs to uphold legislation 15 times during the same period.
In addition, previous research demonstrated that avian UCP mRNA expression in breast muscle of the low feed efficiency chickens is higher than that of high feed efficiency birds [15].
Each LCZ map encodes UCP values that can be used in models [a subset of the list of parameters is shown in Table 2 and in Stewart and Oke (2012) and its supplemental material]; these UCPs are used in models and climate analyses.
UCPs are the members of the anion carrier protein family and are located in the inner mitochondrial membrane.
A workshop describing the UCPS web-based resources.
Although the primary purpose of ANT is to exchange newly synthesized ATP in the mitochondrial matrix for cytosolic ADP [129], it shares a common feature with UCPs and other inner membrane proteins in that they translocate anions, including fatty acids.
Concerning relationships between lateralization index, type of lesion, and type of reorganization evaluated with TMS, all type I UCPs have an ipsilateral (contralesional) reorganization, while type II and III UCPs are variable with lower abilities in children with ipsilateral (contralesional) reorganization and higher abilities in those with contralateral (ipsilesional) reorganization (Table 1).
In addition, some of these species may store large glycogen reserves in their tissues, are able to activate powerful antioxidant systems, and may possess mitochondrial enzymes, such as alternative oxidases (AOX) and uncoupling proteins (UCP) that may help to control ROS formation (Lutz & Nilsson 1997, Hermes-Lima & Zenteno-Savin 2002, Sokolova & Sokolov 2005, Abele et al.
An RN or LPN in a nursing home delegates to a UCP a task (ie: SaO2 monitoring) that is currently NOT in the job description of the UCP.
Therefore, in the present study, 3-month-old SAMP8 mice were intragastrically given PNS for 8 consecutive weeks to characterize the impact of PNS on antioxidant enzymes and UCPs involved in oxidative stress, thereby providing a new opportunity for research with respect to the pharmaceutical prevention and treatment of AD.
Eight main themes derived from the literature review: (1) historical evolution and current condition of university counseling profession, (2) UCC roles, functions and services content, (3) UCC administration and management, (4) students' utilization of UCCs and attitudes toward UCPs, (5) characteristics, problem types, and needs of students on university campuses, (6) UCC services meeting the needs of students on university campuses, (7) UCC challenges and obstacles, and (8) UCC prospects.