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Blas Arias recompuso el camino para Udet, pero Jorge Perez, estrello en el palo y aunque Abel Rivera, conquisto el suyo, al final Jaime Alvarez dio el triunfo definitivo, al sufrido Udet.
Lo anterior se manifiesta al considerar el dialogo que este mantiene con un paracaidista de la Luftwaffe: "Tal vez ese Udet era un maricon, como casi todos los alemanes que se dejaron sodomizar por Hitler --dijo--.
The Germans are judged to have "misused" bombers in the army support role, while the mistakes of the unfortunate Ernst Udet again come to the forefront.
There was no equivalent of the CRO , although there had been a violent debate early in 1938 between Udet (head of supply and research) and Milch (Goering's deputy and state secretary for the air force) about the provision of more extensive repair capabilities to support the Luftwaffe.
According to Rowell, Maj Ernst Udet, a famous German ace who attended the show, was very interested in dive-bombing and made many detailed inquiries.
While the Allies went for simplicity in weapons specifications, the Germans imposed debilitating complications - the worst example being Luftwaffe procurement chief General Ernst Udet's requirement that even heavy bombers retain a dive-bombing capacity.
Heinkel was so ecstatic that right away he called Ernst Udet, head of Luftwaffe fighter command.
Joining Americans Glenn Messer and Art Seligman was Otto Roosen, who regaled the crowd with stories of flying with German Ace Ernst Udet and being shot down by Canadian Ace Billy Bishop.
However, my personal preference is the memoirs of the airmen, many of which are classics, including Eddie Rickenbacker's Fighting the Flying Circus, Ernst Udet's My Flying Life, Lewis' Sagittarius Rising, Harold Hartney's Up and At 'Em!, Arthur Gould Lee's No Parachute, and Gordon Taylor's The Sky Beyond.
(11) During a first attempt to ascend the North Face in August 1935, the two HTG climbers Max Sedlmayr and Karl Mehringer went missing, and only weeks later, Germany's World War I ace pilot, Ernst Udet, and his friend Fritz Steuri located one of the bodies frozen in a snowfield, confirming the very first casualties on the Eiger.
Famous pilots and WWI fighter aces such as Eddie Rickenbacker, Ernst Udet, and Edward "Mick" Mannock visited the Olds home frequently when Robin was a boy.
He met famed flier Ernst Udet - who was one of Baron von Richthofen's crack pilots in WWI - who terrified him by taking him up in a trainer which Udet rolled upside down as they came down.