UHMUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa (Honolulu, HI)
UHMUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa
UHMUnion Haddiema Maghqudin (Malta Workers' Union)
UHMUpcoming Horror Movies (website)
UHMUnited Heavy Machinery (Russian heavy engineering corporation)
UHMUnited Home Mortgage (various organizations)
UHMUrban Housing Management (Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies; Netherlands)
UHMUnit Health Monitor (US Air Force)
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I think a lot of overseas student's I mean I speak for myself you do a lot of insecure things to a country where they manifest somehow with insecurity because uhm this theory has proven this has observe this among the agents in the college they all need friends they all need securities in many different ways you know and they all have their own hang ups and manifest the way they talk is strange you know .
01 [rigth arrow] *EN1: and what uhm do you have to sort of uh be dressed smart to go (a) 02 *AS1: into the discos or?
The NNS's response represents an uncomfortable moment, as evidenced by her pause, her repetition of the NS's previous utterance with rising intonation, her lowered volume, her unexpected body movement (posture shift, gaze, and facial expression), and her hesitation marker uhm.
King Kalakaua Plaza would be a momentous project for any developer, but it's particularly big for Sae Hyun Uhm.
The UHM socket connector bridges the older cards and the newer ones as part of a hybrid back plane, allowing for a cost-effective upgrade while extending the life of legacy hardware.
The babies are yours, "Uhm, honey, the baby just poo'd, you need to change the diapers, uhm, darling, the baby's crying," etc.
A military spokesman said there was no evidence to indicate that 23-year-old first lieutenant Dennis van Uhm was specifically targeted in the explosion.
Lieutenant Dennis van Uhm, 23, died a day after his father Peter was installed in his new command in a ceremony in the courtyard of parliament.
Kyu Uhm, VP Marketing & Sales, Samsung Electronics.
The UHM fiber length of MISCOT 8839 in 2000 across locations in Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, and North Carolina was 5.
As well as the chance to show fine art at its, uhm, finest, there is a hugely topical reason for including this fabulous portrait of Clinker and his famous rider Captain Horatio Ross (1801-1886).