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According to Nasir Abas, the Uhud project was the direct result of the negative experience with Zulkarnaen in Ambon, who had failed to make an impact on Ambonese Muslim society.
During the period, road users travelling east from Al Luqta Street and wishing to enter Al Beday Street will be required to continue straight on Al Luqta Street and turn right on to Uhud Street, take a right on to Al Muhajereen Street and then turn left to Badr Street to exit towards Al Beday Street.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) is the one who suffered a cruel defeat at Uhud, after some Muslim soldiers violated his war plan against the army of Quraish.
The pilgrims are also visiting other holy sites including Jannatul Baqee, Qaba and Qiblatain mosques and Mount Uhud.
For example, Aysenur Islam, who had previously been the minister of family and social policy, told a "group of party orderlies that they were "as important as the bowmen who fought with the Prophet Mohammed in the Battle of Uhud" (Shafak, 2014, p.
The Maute brothers could have vetoed the plan to make Marawi a war zone, much like when the Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) brought the battles against the infidels and nonbelievers from Madinah and Mecca to the mountains of Uhud and Badr.
Later, the pilgrims headed to Medina, visiting Jabal al-Rumah (Archers' Mountain), Mount Uhud, Al-Baqi cemetery, Quba Mosque, Masjid al-Qiblatayn (Mosque of the Two Qiblas), and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (The Prophet's Mosque).
"We are the main repair shop for brand watches like Rolex and Cartier," said a salesman at nearby Uhud Watches.
In addition to being strategically located in close proximity to the Holy Mosque, Pullman ZamZam Madinah is a 15-minute drive away from local landmarks such as Quba Mosque and Mount Uhud.
The operation is named after one of the seven swords of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Azb, which the Prophet (SAW) used in the battles of Badar and Uhud. The intensified operation included airstrikes targeting militants' training facilities, hideouts and other infrastructure.
They include a plant in downtown Madinah; transforming plants in Uhud, and others.