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UIRUniversal Infrared Receiver
UIRUsb to Infrared Adapter
UIRUmatilla Indian Reservation (Oregon)
UIRUniversity-Industry Relations (various schools)
UIRUpper Flight Information Region
UIRUnited Islamic Republic (fictional organization)
UIRUnusual Incident Report
UIRUnitary Irreducible Representation (mathematics)
UIRUser Interface Requirement
UIRWire Connector (used on drawings, etc.; phonetically, UIR sounds like 'wire')
UIRUniform Impedance Resonator
UIRUser Incident Report
UIRUnidentified Infrared Feature
UIRUnemployment Insurance Reporter (CCH)
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Abbreviations: TA, total alkaloids from Mahonia bealei; IPP, Image-Pro Plus; OL, omprazole; PL, pyloric ligation; CTR, control group; MOD, model group; TA-L, low level of total alkaloids; TA-M, middle level of alkaloids; TA-H, high level of total alkaloids; UA, ulcer areas; UIR, ulcer inhibition ratio; ANONA, analyzed by oneway analysis of variance; NSAIDs, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs; COX-2, cyclooxygenase-2; SMMC, spontaneous monocyte-mediated cytotoxicity.
The integer multiples of the parasitic band are an inherent characteristic of UIR. Therefore, the location of the parasitic band can be changed against various impedance ratios of the SIR.
--nec tacita sapientia: la palabra del magnus et sapiens uir no es un mero discurso interior.
Predictus igitur uir populum conuocans dixit se ilium sibi uelle preficere quem spiritus sanctus in specie columbe monstraret.
De Uir.Ill., 8 [...] Scripsit opera et eximia et non parua, id est; librum de genere officiorum, librum proemiorum, librum de ortu et obitu prophetarum, librum lamentationis, quem ipse Synonima uocitauit [...], librum de natura rerum ad Sisebutum principem, librum differentiarum, librum sententiarum [...].
In Hall-B, Ansaruddin Syed gave an inspiry talk on, UIR matrix elements of finite rotations of SO(2,1) decomposed according to the subgroup while Abdul Rauf Khan gave talk on Return to generalized Darbous Integral.