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To an article on the "national" dish ukha, he added references to Westernizers and Slavophiles, suggesting that if Slavophiles truly believed in doing things "in the old way," they ought to be better informed as to what that old way was (in other words, that they did not know their history).
In the seafood restaurant on the second floor, wealthier customers drank their sterlet ukha (fish broth) next to a giant tank of live fish.
During 1946 these villages raided across the border the Tuensang Naga villages of Ukha, Pochu, and Yonghong.
If the classical Pravargya is indeed "abstracted" from a larger ritual complex centering around the sacrifice of a horse, [131] already including a form of the Agnicaya na, yet another problem appears in a different light: that of the close similarity and partial overlap of the srautasutra descriptions of the preparation of the Pravargya pot and the Ukha pot (cf.