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Ukon, who was a Japanese Roman Catholic feudal lord as well as a samurai, faced hostility against his faith in his homeland after a warlord ordered the expulsion of all Christian missionaries and ordered all others to renounce their faith.
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Last year Ukon initially targeted men when he introduced the swords in an exercise class in his mirror-walled aerobics studio - but instead found women enthusiastically flocking to the martial workout.
Sukanda, Ukon Furkon 2007 'Takjub melihat pesta kembang api raksasa', Jawa Pos, 15 November.
Viva Palestina is a convoy involving around 300 volunteers, who left the UKon February14with the intention of driving to the war-torn Palestinian territory.
Maeda Toshiie and Toshinaga protected Takayama Ukon Justo, who was exiled in 1587, in their fief in Kaga, and continued to be tolerant of Christians.
A joint Japanese and Filipino cast and crew staged an opera Wednesday in Tokyo on the life of Takayama Ukon, arguably Japan's best known Christian daimyo, that was attended by more than 600 people including Philippine Ambassador to Japan Domingo Siazon.
Consequently, the pattern of freeze-up facilitates pregnant female polar bears' reaching the Y ukon coast or the small offshore islands west of the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula, while open water may make their access to the land farther east more difficult in some years.
Koizumi also drew a parallel with Ukon Takayama, a Christian Japanese regional monarch who immigrated to the Philippines in the 17th century to escape religious persecution.
A statuette of Takayama Ukon, a Christian daimyo exiled to the Philippines, was presented Wednesday to the lone surviving family member of a former Philippine president whose wife, three children and five relatives were slain by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.
JAL flight attendant Yukiko Ukon, 25, said she would be happy if the services are remembered by the families as part of their holidays.