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UCCAUniversity College for the Creative Arts (UK)
UCCAUkrainian Congress Committee of America
UCCAUniversity Cultural Center Association
UCCAUniversity Cultural Center Association (Detroit, MI)
UCCAUniversities Central Council on Admissions
UCCAUnified Child Care Agency
UCCAUniversity City Community Association (San Diego, CA, USA)
UCCAUniversity Committee on Cultural Activities
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In our September 8 issue, THE NEW AMERICAN reported that 70 years after the Pulitzer Committee became a party to this crime against humanity, "the push is on to have Duranty's Pulitzer Prize revoked due to the slanted and partisan nature of his reporting and his role in covering up the man-made famine." Earlier this year, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America announced a campaign to have Duranty's Pulitzer revoked, noting that the Timesman not only covered up the truth but also "called other journalists outright liars for reporting about Ukraine's Famine Genocide." Since then, the Pulitzer Board has been buried beneath postcards and deluged with e-mails from around the globe urging that it withdraw the prize.
In January, during its first executive board meeting of 2003, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America launched a global campaign to revoke Walter Duranty's 1932 Pulitzer Prize and to expose the truth about his malicious lies in the Times that provided strategic cover for this Communist holocaust.
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