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ULALAUganda Literacy and Adult Learners' Association (est. 1992)
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(113) The court also considered the Kirby case, where it compared the use of Keller's likeness in "NCAA Football" to the use of "Ulala" in the fanciful video game portraying Kierin Kirby.
(124) Though the court conceded that the college football players in "NCAA Football" differed from the use of the "Ulala" character in Kirby, the court was hesitant to liken the use of the players to the use of the avatars in No Doubt, who were exact replicas of No Doubt's band members.
3d at 616 (holding use of "Ulala" sufficiently transformative).
3d at 610 (transforming "Ulala" character into news reporter in twenty-fifth century).
2006) (describing "Ulala" as more than mere literal recreation of Kirby).
-- Take part in "Rhythm Battles," in which Ulala takes control of a musical instrument and plays in time with her opponent.
-- Give Ulala's singing voice a workout in the "Lyrics Battle" mode.
You play a futuristic news anchor girl called Ulala who presents for Space Channel 5.
You play Ulala, a TV reporter at Space Channel 5, who must out-dance invading alien Morolians to the backing of an ultra-cool Japanese soundtrack.
It's a charming, trippy game that is easy to pick up and groove to, featuring Ulala, the "space reporter" star.
Each level is broken up into dancing and shooting portions, in which Ulala must mimic the aliens' on-screen actions.
AS star of the Dreamcast game Space Channel 5, Ulala has a growing fan club.