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ULKultra low K (semiconductor processing)
ULKUnder Lock and Key
ULKUdruzenje Linux Korisnika (Serbian: Linux Users Association; est. 1998; Bosnia and Herzegovina)
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Based on pre-clinical studies, DCC-3116 selectively inhibits ULK kinase, believed to be the initiating factor that activates autophagy.
ROS: reactive oxygen species; ATG101: autophagy-related 101; FIP200: FAK family kinase-interacting protein of 200 kDa; ULK: unc-51-like autophagy-activating kinase 1; ATG13: autophagy-related 13; ATG12: autophagy-related 12; ATG7: autophagy-related 7; ATG10: autophagy-related 10; ATG5: autophagy-related 5; ATG16: autophagy-related 16; ATG14: autophagy-related 14; mTOR: mammalian target of rapamycin; AMBRA1: autophagy/beclin-1 regulator 1; Vps15: serine/threonine-protein kinase VPS15; PI3K: phosphoinositide 3 kinase; LC3: microtubule-associated protein 1A/1B-light chain 3; WIPI: WD repeat domain phosphoinositide-interacting protein; DFCP1: double FYVE domain-containing protein.
Large die size and the ratio between ULK and low-k have been found to be a major factor in increased CPI risk.
BIG-RACE STATS Hennessy Gold Cup: Six and seven-year-olds - seven of last 10 winners Top three finish last time - seven of last 10 winners Second season chasers - seven of last 10 winners Wright Ones NEWBURY: 12.15pm Rey Nacarado (NAP) 12.50pm Call Me A Star 1.25pm Godsmejudge 2pm Big Buck's 2.35pm Salubrious 3.10pm Bobs Worth 3.40pm Ulk Du Lin NEWCASTLE:12pm Red Rocco 12.35pm Mansonien L'as 1.10pm Bit of A Jig 1.40pm Billy Cuckoo 2.20pm Cinders And Ashes 2.50pm Lord Wishes 3.25pm Junior TOWCESTER: 11.55pm Valrene 12.25pm Simply Wings 1pm Ibn Hiyyan 1.35pm Our Jim 2.10pm Shotgun Paddy 2.45pm Borderhopper 3.15pm Calusa Star TOMORROW'S NAP: Stormy Weather (1.10pm Carlisle).
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A sampling of topics: formation of porous organosilicate glasses produced by PECVD and UV treatment, requirements and constraints on optimizing UV processing of low-k dielectrics, interface stability of metal barrier and low-k dielectrics, chemical routes to ultra thin films for copper barriers and liners, charging and aging effects in porous ULK dielectrics, influence of interfacial delamination on channel cracking of brittle thin films, assembly of fine-pitch carbon nanotube bundles for electrical interconnect applications, and dielectrophoresis-based assembly and high-frequency characterization of carbon nanotube bundles.
In Europe the artists of Fischietto (Italy), Lustige Blatter, Jugend and Ulk (Germany), Der Floh and Kikeriki (Austria), Nebelspalter (Switzerland), Strekoza (Russia) and many other publications took up L'Affaire.
To the best of my knowledge, he merely said, "Ulk." It occurred to me that the Brooklyn Eagle was usually more eloquent than that, but the Southern weather must have slowed up my reaction.
Such a policy would be consistent with the recent decision to ban b ulk water removal, thereby preventing exports, which reveals a very high implicit social valuation of water.
ULK -- Britain's Department of Health has been advising people to eat lots of oily fish as a guard against heart disease.