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UDUniversity of Dayton (Dayton, OH)
UDUniversity of Delaware
UDUnanimous Decision
UDUsted (Spanish: Formal You)
UDUrban Dictionary (slang web site)
UDUpper Deck
UDUdine (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)
UDUniversal Design
UDUniversity of Dallas (Irving, TX, USA)
UDUtility Dog
UDUndead (gaming)
UDUser Defined
UDUsaha Dagang (Indonesian trading company)
UDUtenriksdepartementet (Department of Foreign Affairs)
UDUpper Division
UDUnder Development
UDUnified Defense
UDUniform Design (mathematics)
UDUniversity of Dubuque (Iowa)
UDUgly Duckling (band)
UDUniversal Declaration of Human Rights (UN; also seen as UDHR)
UDUniversity of Denver
UDUser Domain
UDUnder Duress
UDUrban District
UDUniversity of Detroit
UDUnlawful Detainer
UDUnión Democrática (Spanish: Democratic Union)
UDUnderdark (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
UDUnited Defense
UDUltimate Doom (game)
UDUniversitair Docent
UDUnited Devices, Inc.
UDUnderwater Demolition
UDUltimate Disney (website)
UDUnderwater Diving
UDUnit Diary
UDUndesirable Discharge
UDUnited Diesel
UDUniversal Default
UDUtility Degree (AKC Obedience Degree)
UDUt Dictum (Latin: As Directed)
UDUnder Defeat (game)
UDUtility Driver
UDUnidoom (gaming clan)
UDUniquely Decipherable
UDUtilisation Declaration
UDUnitary District (UK)
UDUlcerative Dermatosis
UDUnit Designator
UDUrban Disease
UDUnofficially Dropped (grading system)
UDUnable to Approve Departure for the Time Specified
UDUnabsorbed Depreciation (accounting/finance)
UDUnremove Directory (Norton Utilities)
UDUnder Digging (pipeline construction)
UDUltraDiagnostics (South Attleboro, MA)
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The prospect of ultimate doom and death has been part of mankind's experience and philosophical outlook (weltanschauung.) We are born, we live, we die and our children and descendants preserve the species into a distant and unimaginable future, until a time comes when mundane life comes to a natural end, whether with a bang or a whimper.
And for all the havoc wreaked by monstrous characters like Macbeth and Richard III, Greenblatt argues, Shakespeare believed in their ultimate doom. Concluding this lively book on an optimistic note, he points to the "political action of ordinary citizens" as the antidote for a threat that will persist as long as there are leaders and people demanding to be led.
With the situation in London looking very bleak, a prophet predicts the city's ultimate doom. But then an unknown apothecary arrives with a cure he claims will save the lives of those afflicted and he's sent to the Blackthorn apothecary shop to prepare the remedy.
Tahir-ul-Qadri claimed that the transgressors would rush to ultimate doom and the termination of their rule, in case they unleash injustices.
Looking something like a block of flats in some elegant Berlin suburb, Herr Maus was enticed into the maze, where he wandered through a series of pathways to his ultimate doom. Wonder what the bait was?
and Canadian governments and the UAW, how it was saved in the face of ultimate doom, its leadership seemed so very myopic.
And rather than take the institutionalist approach by pointing to the exclusive commenda partnership and patriarchal family firm as one of the "possible structural flaws," Aslanian claims that it surely was the changing international political economy that spelled the ultimate doom of the New Julfan Armenian network (18, 216-218).
While their machine noisily portends a nation's exhaustion of resources, society's ultimate doom and destruction will probably appear in the form of something far more innocuous.
It is a Shakespearean tragedy of a hero's fatal flaw, recurring over and over again and may well now presage the ultimate doom for us...
APOCALYPSE 2012: A SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION INTO CIVILIZATION'S END comes from a journalist who pinpoints 2012 as the year of ultimate doom for the human race--based on a blend of ancient records, including a Mayan calendar which ceases its forecasts in 2012, and Eastern and Western religions which point to this year as the end of time.
That proximity, of the disk is another indicator that the black hole is a whirling dervish, spinning so rapidly that outside material can orbit within a hair's breadth of ultimate doom.
The above statement of a fact is made to open the eyes of those who are desirous of keeping the camp movement above suspicion and to arouse the honest element among camp directors to the ultimate doom of the camp unless a remedy can be found.
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