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URRUrea Reduction Ratio (urinary dialysis laboratory data)
URRUltima Ratio Regum
URRUpstream Regulatory Region (human papillomavirus)
URRUnderground Railroad
URRUltimate Recoverable Reserves (natural resources)
URRUltimately Recoverable Resources (oil reserves)
URRUnion Railroad Company
URRUnconstrained Requirements Report
URRUnscheduled Removal Rate
URRUltra Reliable Radar
URRUgly Radio Rebellion (band)
URRUnit Readiness Report
URRUnexpired Risk Reserve
URRUnpaid Return Rate
URRUpper Hatch Rail Retracted Auxiliary
URRUN Roulement Regiment (UK military)
URRUltra-Reliable Router
URRUtilities External Review (board)
URRUnresourced Requirement
URRUser Readiness Review
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In 2012, the US Geological Survey estimated that the world's ultimately recoverable resources of crude oil and natural gas liquids were more than 3.8 trillion barrels.
"Peak oil" theorists have cautioned--erroneously--for decades that world oil reserves are dwindling, but due to improved technology and the rise in oil prices, reserves that once were too difficult or costly to tap have become profitable and, as such, the world's ultimately recoverable resources actually have grown over time, the authors maintain.