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UHBUltra High Bandwidth
UHBUniversity Hospital Birmingham (UK)
UHBUpheaval Buckling (pipelines)
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UHBUrban Haute Bourgeoisie
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UHBUniversity Hearing Board (various universities)
UHBUltrahigh Brightness
UHBUDA (Urban Development Authority) Holdings Berhad (Malaysia; property development and management)
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Per the agreement, CITIC Networks will provide ultra high bandwidth core network services to ChinaCache and thereby greatly enhance the connectivity between ChinaCache's data centers in mainland China.
"Our investment in a GPON network will provide the platform necessary to support future ultra high bandwidth services which are expected to be introduced in the near future," he added.
This new ultra high bandwidth connection will enable more effective collaboration on pressing, data-intensive scientific challenges.
It features a flexible fifth generation ASIC technology designed to preserve customer investment, and will provide unique hardware capabilities such as media dependent adapters for connectivity services ranging from 10Gig, to 40Gig, to 100Gig or native Fiber Channel, as well as an integrated multi-terabit fabric interconnect stack for ultra high bandwidth and ultra low latency east/west traffic flows.
This could theoretically allow for lower power consumption by the mobile devices, greater coverage and ultra high bandwidth in crowded areas, as well as adaptability and scalability of the network.
Queen's University Belfast researchers said that the novel sensors could create new ultra high bandwidth mobile Internet infrastructures and reduce the density of mobile phone base stations.
This first link is the centerpiece of a strategy to enhance Australia's communications infrastructure by showcasing the ultra high bandwidth, reliability and superior economics of GigaBeam's WiFiber product."
The AMN1200 FTTP platform is a family of products that provides ultra high bandwidth communication services to residential, business and institutional subscribers using a single optical fiber direct to the subscriber's premises.
The project is to produce an ultra high bandwidth database server that allows astronomers to capture data from five different filters that span the spectrum from the ultraviolet to the near infrared, detecting over 200 million objects in this area.
"Guided by our experience and insights into the evolution of wireless communications in the railway industry, we will continue to develop multimedia communications solutions with ultra high bandwidth and enhanced network capabilities."
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