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UHRUltra-High Resolution
UHRUniversity Human Resources (various locations)
UHRUltra High Resolution
UHRUltra High Reliability
UHRUnidad Humanitaria de Respuesta (Spanish: Humanitarian Response Unit)
UHRUniversal Health Record (patient information concept)
UHRUncorrelated High-Rank
UHRUltra High Reuse
UHRUniversal Horse Riding (Donjeux, France)
UHRUnchs - Habit RWA
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Contract notice: ultra high resolution field emission scanning electron microscope
AU Optronics announced its participation to CES 2019 from January 8 to 11, with exhibition highlights spanning from smart home, gaming to vehicle applications, including the world's first mass produced 85-inch 8K4K bezel-less ALCD TV display, AHVA gaming monitor display boasting the fastest response time, gaming notebook PC display with mini LED backlight and HDR, LTPS notebook PC display with ultra low power consumption, and ultra high resolution vehicle cockpit display adopting direct bonding lamination.
Ultra high resolution 4K video for a lifetime memory
Apart from Ultra high resolution gaming, the Xbox One X is also equipped with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive.
Kopin's OLED microdisplay, protected by 10 patents, which are pending, is an ultra high resolution, high speed, low power and small form factor display that delivers a superior user experience for mobile and wearable systems.
This platform includes large, medical-grade, ultra high resolution monitors up to 60-inches and the accompanying management system designed to allow users to change custom layouts on the fly.
"AUO proactively develops the latest technologies including AMOLED and IGZO and excels by introducing ultra high resolution, ultra wide viewing angle and super narrow border technologies.
- Compatible with CineMassive Alpha and Bravo Video Wall Processing platforms for ultra high resolution virtually infinite sized video walls
Apple's iPad 2 now sports the fast, dual core A5 chip, which can unleash enough power to run the ultra high resolution movies and videos.
The versatile cryogenic scanning electron microscope is used by the Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre for ultra high resolution imaging and chemical analysis in a range of sectors from steel to printed electronics and the low carbon technology industry.
Based on the same platform as the firm's ultra high resolution frequency transmitters, the analog versions similarly offer 16 point linearization to hold accuracy within 0.2% of reading, digital filtering for precise repeatable smoothing of the output signal, and user selectable anti-dither adjustment from 1 to 100% of a meter rotation to prevent erroneous counting under vibrating or flow pulsing conditions.
"This technology is ideal for organizations that want to use ultra high resolution platforms without compromising image quality."
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