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UHEUltra High Energy
UHEUltra High Efficiency
UHEUltrahigh Energy
UHEUsina Hidroeletrica (UHE Itaipu Brazil)
UHEUtah History Encyclopedia (Media Solutions; Salt Lake City, UT)
UHEUranium Hautement Enrichi (French: Highly Enriched Uranium)
UHEUniversity of Helsinki (Finland)
UHEUniversal Human Entitlement (relating to copyright restrictions)
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The last two columns show the time needed (in years) for one charged [tau] lepton detection ([DELTA]T), using the extrapolation of the IceCube measured flux and also considering the additional GZK flux at ultrahigh energy proposed in [9].
It became known as the "Oh My God particle." Such subatomic particles, traveling with energies that had never before been seen, opened a new mystery--that of the ultrahigh energy cosmic ray.
The good news is that unlike their less-energetic galactic cousins, these ultrahigh energy rays aren't deflected en route, so they do point home.
Once, it seemed an ultrahigh energy engine had been found.
Newer data from the Auger team suggest that ultrahigh energy rays aren't mostly protons like their galactic counterparts, but are instead heavier atomic nuclei, such as iron (SN: 7/18/09, p.
In April, researchers reported in Nature that a detector called IceCube at a South Pole laboratory failed to identify any signs of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays coming from gamma-ray bursts--the other front-runner for the title of super-duper accelerator (SN: 5/19/12, p.
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