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ULXUltraluminous X-Ray (astronomy)
ULXUtah Lindy Exchange
ULXUltimate LAN (Local Area Network) Experience (gaming center)
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ULX, or ultraluminous X-ray sources, are objects that give off hundreds to thousands of times more X-rays than typical binary systems where a star is orbiting a black hole or neutron star.
The nature of SS433 and the ultraluminous X-ray sources.
Two studies suggest that some of the ultraluminous X-ray sources (ULXs) thought to be beefy black holes are created by much less massive objects.
The pulsar is now one of space's strange ultraluminous X-ray (ULX) sources -- a classification offered to cosmic objects that give off more energy than scientists' current understanding of stellar radiation processes can explain.
It is the second Ultraluminous X-Ray source (ULX) to have been spotted in Andromeda, which is more than two million light years away, in the past two years.
It is the second Ultraluminous X-Ray source (ULX) to have been spotted in Andromeda - the Milky Way's nearest neighboring galaxy - in the past two years.
Researchers used Chandra to discover a new ultraluminous X-ray source, or ULX.
Title: Long-term Modulations in Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources
The some 120 papers discuss such topics as the collisional ring galaxy NGC922, how gas stripping transforms the stellar populations of cluster spiral galaxies, the mass-to-light ratios of galactic globular clusters, shock-induced starburst and star cluster formation in colliding galaxies, ultraluminous X-ray sources in interacting galaxies, and star formation in the tidal debris of minor mergers.
The astronomers observing the dormant black hole also discovered several ultraluminous X-ray sources," or ULX, seen as a blue blob near the galaxy's center.