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UTUtah (US postal abbreviation)
UTUniversity of Tennessee
UTUniversity of Texas
UTUniversity of Tampa (Florida)
UTUniversity of Toledo (Ohio)
UTUniversity of Toronto
UTUniversal Time (Greenwich Mean Time)
UTUndertale (gaming)
UTUnreal Tournament (game)
UTUrban Terror (Quake III Arena modification)
UTUp Time
UTUnion Tribune (San Diego, CA newspaper)
UT(San Diego) Union Tribune (the Copley Newspaper known as the "U-T")
UTUltrasonic Testing
UTUse Tax
UTUtility Vehicle
UTUrinary Tract
UTUniversity of Twente (Netherlands)
UTUma Thurman (actress)
UTUnion Territory (India)
UTUndertaker (pro wrestler)
UTUniversiteit Twente
UTUniversity of Tokyo
UTUniversity of Tehran
UTUniversity of Tartu (Estonia)
UTUnited States to United Kingdom (routing designation; US Navy)
UTUnit Test
UTUnited Together
UTUnderwriters' Laboratories
UTUnified Theory
UTUtility Player (baseball)
UTUniversal Translator (Internet)
UTUser Testing
UTUmbilical Tower (US NASA)
UTUpper Troposphere
UTUniversité de Technologie (French: University of Technology)
UTUltrasonic Transducer
UTUser Test
UTUser Terminal
UTUrinetown (musical)
UTUniversity of Trento (Trento, Italy)
UTUnfinished Tales (book by JRR Tolkien)
UTUbiquitous They (comedy troupe; Seattle, WA)
UTUnauthorized Trading
UTUpper Tester
UTUnique Tech (Age of Kings: The Conquerors Expansion, Microsoft game)
UTUncollected Tax (on tip wages; IRS)
UTUnexcused Tardy
UTUnit Trainer
UTUnité Technique (French: Technical Unit)
UTUnterer Totpunkt (German: Bottom Dead Center)
UTUtopia Temple
UTUber Tristram (gaming, Diablo II)
UTUtah Ordnance Plant (Cartridge Headstamp)
UTUlstein Trading (Norway)
UTUnderway Trial
UTUnitrade Specialized Canada Catalog (philatelic catalog)
UT(USN Rating) Utilitiesman
UTUn-Authorized Traversal
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With the state's permission, the FHWA NDEVC conducted ultrasonic testing of the remaining 22 pins on the bridge.
Trach joined LTI in 2005 and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University, is a Pratt & Whitney certified SIM Level 3 and is approved as a nondestructive testing MIL-STD-2132 Examiner in immersion and contact ultrasonic testing.
At this point SGS offered to conduct long range ultrasonic testing that does not require removing clamps and can be applied for pipes in operation.
Ultrasonic testing uses high frequency acoustic energy that is transmitted into a casting.
Intending the work as a supplement to the required hands-on laboratory and field training, he offers 14 chapters discussing acoustic emissions, electromagnetic testing method, laser testing methods, leak testing methods, liquid penetrant tests, magnetic particle testing, neutron radiographic testing, radiographic testing method, thermal/infrared testing method, ultrasonic testing, vibration analysis method, and visual and optical testing.
Ultrasonic testing is nondestructive, which means that a probe needs to be placed on just one side of the rubber part in order to achieve instant, accurate thickness measurements, according to the company.
Contract notice: mobile ultrasonic testing systems for hollow-bored axles
Each certification was awarded after successful completion of an extensive assessment process on the specific method of ultrasonic testing, including written and operational examinations on general theory, specifications and standards, ultrasonic testing (UT) methods and UT testing equipment.
NDT is perceived by its customers as technology leader in the field of automated non-destructive ultrasonic testing systems, especially regarding inline inspection tools and stationary systems for plate inspection in steel mills.