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USPUniversal Self-Loading Pistol (Heckler & Koch)
USPUniversity of Shiga Prefecture (Japan)
USPUnion Suisse des Paysans (French: Swiss Farmers' Union)
USPUsaha Simpan Pinjam (Indonesian: Business Savings and Loans)
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USPUbiquitin-Specific Protease
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USPUsage Sensitive Pricing
USPUltrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
USPUniversal Service Plan
USPUniversal Service Pistol
USPUniversal Sampling Plan
USPUpsilon Sigma Phi
USPUtility Seaplane (US Navy)
USPUsenet Service Provider
USPUniversal Signaling Platform
USPUser-to-User Signaling Process
USPUrban Services Plan
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In the CC-CA of mosquitoes, the expression of the following receptors has been detected: ETH A and B, ecdysone A and B, insulin, ultraspiracle A and B, allatotropin, AST-C A and B, and the short neuropeptide F.
We have designed primers for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to examine the possible involvement of ultraspiracle, (Usp), an insect nuclear hormone receptor and a putative receptor for JH in the process of histolysis.
Cloning and characterization of the ecdysone receptor and ultraspiracle protein from the water flea Daphnia magna.
In the signal transduction pathway of 20E, 20E initially binds to its receptor, a heterodimeric transcription complex including ecdysteroid receptor (ECR) and ultraspiracle protein (USP) (Lan et al.
Drosophila ultraspiracle modulates ecdysone receptor function via heterodimer formation.
The effect of 20E is transduced through a het erodimeric complex of 2 nuclear receptors, the ecdysone receptor (EcR) and ultraspiracle protein (USP) (Yao et al.
Ultraspiracle is a retinoid X receptor ortholog found in insects and crustaceans (Chung et al.