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The National Intelligence and Security Services have threatened to legally charge the Umma National Party's leader Imam Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi with crimes against the State of Sudan.
Issa Beshri, of the National Congress Party, Deputy Chairman of the Umma National Party, Dr.
June 8, 2014 (KHARTOUM) - The security authorities arrested a second opposition leader for criticising crimes and atrocities committed by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia, while the Umma National Party announced they rejoined an alliance of opposition parties that refuse to participate in the national dialogue.
Meanwhile, the Deputy Chairman of Umma National Party, General, Siddig Ismail said the dialogue is the only means for solving the country's problems .
May 31, 2014 (KHARTOUM) - Rapid Support Forces (SRF) field commander Ahmed Hamdan (Hametti) maintained his accusations against the leader of the opposition Umma National Party (UNP) saying the court have to decide on their claim against him.
Al-Amin Abdul-Gadir, has affirmed the party's rejection of any bilateral agreements to solve the Sudanese issues, announcing the party's support to a comprehensive agreement with all the political powers on the background of Umma National Party's signing to so-called Paris Declaration.
The Umma National Party and the Popular Congress Party also said they have reserves towards the separation between politics and religion as well as the dissolution of the army among others.
13 (SUNA) - The National Congress Party (NCP) declared that competent authorities will deal with the detention of the Deputy Chairman of the Umma National Party Dr.
Among the arrested is NCF spokesperson Kamal Omer who is also a leading member of the Popular Congress Party (PCP), Abdel-Jalil Basha of Umma National Party, Ibrahim Al-Sheikh leader of the Sudanese Congress Party and Sidiq Youssef of the Sudanese Communist Party.
Secretary General of Umma national Party admits there are disagreements in his party ruling out possibility of split
But the largest opposition Umma National Party (UNP) of Sadiq Al-Mahdi, Popular Congress Party of Hassan Al-Turabi and the Communist Party distanced themselves from the charter and called to privilege peaceful means.
Fadlalla Burma Nasir, the representative of the Umma National party and Ahmed Sd Omer, the representative of the Democratic Unionist Party provides a strong incentive for implementation of decisions of forum on the ground, noting that the forum has enabled all the people of Darfur to study and carefully discuss their issue.