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UMMATUnion of Muslims for Morality and Truth
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At Ummat, the title of last katib lies with Abdul Rashid Shahid.
In an article in Pakistan's Ummat daily, analyst Saifullah Khalid said that after the 2014 pullout of the foreign forces, Blackwater plans to broaden operations in Afghanistan by setting up anti-Taliban Pashtoun groups to protect the US interests.
Theatre producer Greg Boardman fell in love with the story during a chance meeting with Umesh Ummat, the chairman of Brook Hotels, owners of the George Hotel who told him the rugby tale.
Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran, (Thus have We made of you an Ummat justly balanced,).
He announced that Ummat Foundation had distributed tents and rations among the affectees, while currently efforts were underway to establish medical camps.
Ummat Yisra'il Hiyya - That's how you say "Am Yisrael Chai" (the People of Israel live) in Arabic.
The interview with the accused terror mastermind appeared in the Karachi daily Ummat, believed to have close connections to Islamic groups in Afghanistan.
He claims Florida's Jewish community has not forgiven President Bush for his controversial and vital state victory in last November's drawn out US election, the Karachi daily newspaper Ummat reported.
The SHC judge, Arshad Hussain Khan, issued the order during the first hearing for a case filed by Arif Nizami (Pakistan Today), Zia Shahid (Khabrain), Ejazul Haq (Express), Jabbar Khattak (Awaami Awaz), Rafique Afghan (Ummat), Anwar Sajdi (Intekhab), Rehmad Ali Razi (Taaqat), Tahir Farooqi (Ittehad), Mumtaz Ahmed Sadiq (Azadi Swat) and Sadiq Baloch (Balochistan Express).
MIRPURKHAS -- The 141st birth anniversary of poet of the East and philosopher Hakeemul Ummat Dr Allama Mohammad Iqbal is celebrated here on Friday across the Division Mirpurkhas with national zeal and fervor.
In another senior leadership appointment, Richit Ummat was named as the Chief Operating Officer of the new venture.
He said that Imran would lead the country and make it prosperous as envisaged by Father of the nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Hakeemul Ummat Allama Iqbal.