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UMPHUnited Methodist Publishing House (Nashville, TN)
UMPHUser Movement to Prevent HIV (University of California, Davis)
UMPHUnix Mission Planning Hardware
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The physics for this varies with your body size and strength in relation to the aircraft/propeller size and the umph needed to get it through the compression.
To this day, his fake tri- umph in the 1988 Olympics remains, for many, the greatest race ever run.
None of that takes a lot of umph. In terms of hardware, a lot of people don't need what they've got [with a traditional computer]."
Yet the bill would have given it more legal "umph." Even the late Sen.
"We need to create communities with umph, neighbourhoods who are in charge of their own destinies, who feel if they club together and get involved they can shape the world around them."
Time for recreation is drowned by the priorities of caring for a child's needs, and the "umph" to get out can feel like an insurmountable obstacle.
Saturday's trip to ackburn was always likely to be the most fficult task - only Manchester City and ttenham Hotspur had previously won way at Ewood Park in the Premier League is season - and the confidence of this umph will surely carry them through eir less-than-intimidating remaining mes against Fulham, Stoke City and rtsmouth.
Not knowing the maintenance history of any lifting device, could mean the device doesn't have any umph left for hoisting.
Umph! Haven't turned right on a long haul for a long time!
* Brakes--Fresh brake pads and rotors add Umph! to your stopping ability.
If you're just a regular bead kind of girl, then you'll find racks of long plastic beads in turquoises, jades, purples, as well as regular black and white for under dhs80 which will add umph to even the plainest outfit.