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UTLUniversidade Técnica de Lisboa (Portugal)
UTLUnder the Lights
UTLUniversity of Toronto Libraries (Canada)
UTLUniversité du Temps Libre (French: University of Free Time)
UTLUser Trailer Label
UTLUniversal Text Link
UTLUtilities Library
UTLUnion Territory of Lakshadweep (India)
UTLUnable To Locate
UTLUniversal Task List
UTLUpper Tolerance Limit
UTLUnder the Limit (rehabilitation program; Federal Magistrates' Court of Australia)
UTLUnit Transmittal Letter
UTLUpper Transport Layer
UTLUnion Trait Limousin (French horse breeding union; Limousin, France)
UTLUnique Topic Label
UTLUnited Transport Logistics (Canadian trucking company)
UTLUp Travel Limit
UTLUnderwriting Team Leader (insurance)
References in classic literature ?
It had been bothering him all day he told Saxon, for several days slightly, in fact, and it was as tender as a boil--most likely a splinter, but he had been unable to locate it.
But,station managementis unable to locate reports for 10 quarters in 2004-2007.
But because investigators were unable to locate assets, they didn't validate most of these claims because it would've been a waste of their time.
Talking to journalists in Peshawar on Friday he said we know the identity of the attackers but we have been so far unable to locate them.
40am but a helicopter equipped with thermal imaging was unable to locate him.
The team surveyed the Al Rifaa area, where the hostage lived but were unable to locate him.
Firefighters searched the river to try and locate the animal, but the height and flow of the water made it almost an impossible task and they were unable to locate it.
Officers have made various enquiries to trace Hussain, who has links to South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Pakistan, but have been unable to locate him.
Unable to locate the real culprits for the incident at the Skopje Fortress, the Government decided to occupy itself with the marginal elements of this problem, as if though the heritage found at the Fortress belongs equally to all citizens, says Isen Saliu in Wednesday's commentary.
The new regulations apply only if the depositor, an attorney in possession of his client's will, is unable to locate the testator of the will after a diligent search.
Police were unable to locate any suspects at the time or after an investigation.
Organisers of the 2009 show claimed they were unable to locate Yin Youcan and Fang Ziyuan who are dancers.