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UTDUniversity of Texas at Dallas
UTDUp to Date
UTDUt Dictum (Latin: As I Said)
UTDUltimate Test Drive
UTDUrinary Tract Dilation (pregnancy)
UTDUp the Duff
UTDUnited Teachers of Dade
UTDUnable to Determine
UTDUniform Theory of Diffraction
UTDUniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (also seen as UGTD)
UTDUrban Thermo Dynamics (hip hop)
UTDUnit Training Device
UTDUniversity Theatre and Dance (Missouri State University)
UTDUniversity Teaching Department (India)
UTDUp the Downstair (Porcupine Tree music album)
UTDUp the Deise (website)
UTDUniversal Transfer Device
UTDUnder Trust Dated
UTDUnion Textile Distribution (France)
UTDUnit Test Driver
UTDUnderdetermination of Theory by Data (philosophy thesis)
References in classic literature ?
He did not himself know his age and was quite unable to determine it.
The man looked curiously about him on all sides, as one who among familiar surroundings is unable to determine his exact place and part in the scheme of things.
But the more he thought upon the matter the less positive he was as to the verity of the seeming adventure through which he had passed, yet where the real had ceased and the unreal commenced he was quite unable to determine. Had he really then been to the village of the blacks at all, had he killed the old Gomangani, had he eaten of the elephant meat, had he been sick?
On the first crash of the eminent Mr Merdle's decease, many important persons had been unable to determine whether they should cut Mrs Merdle, or comfort her.
She knew that Wilhelmstal lay southeast of her about fifty miles; but, through a combination of untoward circumstances, she found herself unable to determine which was southeast.
After having in vain endeavoured to select the most beaten path, in hopes it might lead to the cottage of some herdsman, or the silvan lodge of a forester, and having repeatedly found himself totally unable to determine on a choice, the knight resolved to trust to the sagacity of his horse; experience having, on former occasions, made him acquainted with the wonderful talent possessed by these animals for extricating themselves and their riders on such emergencies.
What it was that entertained him during some of his speechless sessions I must, however, confess myself unable to determine. We know in a general way that a great many things which were old stories to a great many people had the charm of novelty to him, but a complete list of his new impressions would probably contain a number of surprises for us.
He had not come to play in the matches (he told me), but to obtain for Lord Amersteth such a series of cricket photographs as had never been taken before; whether as an amateur or a professional photographer I was unable to determine. I remember, however, seeking distraction in little bursts of resolute attention to the conversation of this bore.
In the absence of more detailed information regarding the precise context in which Johnson made the statements at issue, the evidence supports the conclusion that the trial court did not err in suppressing the statements because the court was unable to determine whether the circumstances in which Johnson made the statements were the functional equivalent of interrogation.
Glasgow's remains were discovered in Petit Jean State Park in March 2015, but the medical examiner was unable to determine a cause of death.
Ed Laguerta, Phivolcs Bicol chief, earlier said they were still unable to determine the distance of the lava flow because of the clouds.
Another parent, Surjit lamented that he had been taking rounds of the hospital since a month but doctors are unable to determine the cause of his son's illness.