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UTRUp the Road
UTRUntranslated Region (genetics)
UTRUnder the Roof
UTRUnder the Radar
UTRUniversal Tennis Rating (skill assessment)
UTRUniversal Tone Receiver
UTRUnit Technology Representative
UTRUpset the Rhythm (UK)
UTRUnicode Technical Report
UTRUnique Taxpayer Reference (UK Inland Revenue)
UTRUrinary Tract Relief (veterinary medicine)
UTRUtility Tractor Rig (stevedoring Industry)
UTRUnable to Reach
UTRUnion des Théatres Romands (French; Swiss theater association)
UTRUnable to Reproduce
UTRUniversity Technical Representative
UTRUltrathin Resist (semiconductors)
UTRUniform Temperature Reference
UTRUptime Ratio
UTRUnderwater Tracking Range
UTRUniversity Training Reactor
UTRUnité Thématique de Recherche (French)
UTRUnit Under Test Requirements Interface
UTRUniversal Transaction Record
UTRUnit Task Reorganization
UTRUnderwriter To Review
UTRUkrainian T-Shape Radio Telescope
UTRUp through Roof (mechanics)
References in classic literature ?
The time passed, but they seemed unable to reach a decision.
unhappy lady, the edge of her petticoat has caught on one of the bars of the balcony and she is left hanging in the air, unable to reach the ground.
Or, its speed failing, and unable to reach the point of equal attraction, it would fall upon the moon by virtue of the excess of the lunar attraction over the terrestrial.
Jonathan, with his wooden leg, is utterly unable to reach the lofty room of Bartholomew Sholto.
He added: "We were in talks with a partner about this year's event, but we were unable to reach an agreement, so sadly the fireworks display at Pype Hayes will not take place this year.
Love Productions said in a statement: "After an extraordinary six-year journey with the BBC, Love Productions announces with regret that it has been unable to reach agreement on terms to renew the commission of The Great British Bake Off.
Meeting of the joint Opposition parties was presided by Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly (NA) Syed Khurshid Shah but the participants of the meeting were unable to reach consensus over the names of probable ECP members.
Even after the judge said a majority verdict of 10-2 could be accepted, the jury said it remained divided and unable to reach a decision.
Judge David Radford had allowed jurors to reach a majority verdict of 10-2 or 11-1, but he discharged them after they were unable to reach a decision.
After nearly 11 hours of deliberating, jurors at Liverpool Crown Court were unable to reach a verdict on the allegation.
If the practitioner is unable to reach an overall conclusion, the opinion must state that the practitioner is unable to reach an overall conclusion and describe the reasons for the practitioner's inability to reach a conclusion.
The jury was unable to reach verdicts on six chargesagainst the company which was alleged to have offered cash for political favours.