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UUCPUnix to Unix Copy Protocol
UUCPUnix-To-Unix Copy Protocol
UUCPUnitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines (Dumaguete, Philippines)
UUCPUnadjusted Use Case Point (software cost estimation)
UUCPUtah Unified Certification Program (Utah Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program)
UUCPUnitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix (Paradise Valley, AZ)
UUCPUnitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palisades (Englewood, NJ)
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The UAW is added to the UUCW to get the Unadjusted Use Case Points (UUCP) from Eq.
After their computation, the Adjusted Use Case Points (UPC) are calculated with the help of a special equation, in which Unadjusted Use Case Points value (UUCP), Technical Complexity Factors (TCF) value and Environmental Complexity Factors (ECF) value are multiplied.
1) Determine and compute the Unadjusted Use Case Points (UUCPs)