UNARIUSUniversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science
UNARIUSUniversal Articulate Understanding of Science
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Lewis discusses the historical and legal context for the cult controversy and provides information on many groups and movements, including People's Temple, Hare Krishna Movement, the Unarius Academy of Science, and Jesus People USA.
Published quarterly by the Unarius Academy of Science, which is a non-profit educational foundation, this journal offers factual and insightful articles on the new science of consciousness.
Across the page from Harrison's piece, for example, was a description of "The Unarius Academy of Science," "A U.F.O.-oriented New Age group" that gathers annually in El Cajon, California (where else but California?) "to herald the future arrival of `space brothers.'" Elsewhere in the issue we learned about the woman who became a minister after having a religious experience at "Womanquest, a Unitarian Universalist gathering on Lake Geneva," under the influence of "Starhawk, a leader of the feminist spirituality movement who had brought us to the woods to participate in a spiral dance." Then there was "The Calibration of Belief," an essay about faith healers who conducted a study of the effects of prayer on people suffering from arthritis.