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UGSUnattended Ground Sensor
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With its pan-tilt-zoom cameras, CCTV cameras, infrared illuminators, GSR, and unattended ground sensor, the FP Suite provides "close-in" video surveillance as well as detection of large vehicles at 36 kilometers, small vehicles at 24 kilometers, and personnel at 12 kilometers.
While unattended ground sensors help Soldiers and commanders gain a clearer picture of the battle space around static positions, they must be manually placed and cannot move around potential threats.
Meanwhile, Exensor's Umra 1G Unattended Ground Sensor can detect a number of vehicles including motorcycles, cars, trucks and bicycles, as well as tanks and armoured vehicles.
ABIO working to inject Army-centric data and sources (such as Unattended Ground Sensors) onto the broadcast.
As a first step to provide Indian security agencies with the Textron Systems MicroObserver Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system, a cooperation agreement has been inked between India's state-owned defense undertaking Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and Textron Systems Corporation.
In the interim, the US Army's main unattended ground surveillance system is the Rembass-II, an acronym for the AN/GSR-8(V) Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System-II developed by L-3 Communications which, within its Rem-Sense programme, is also the originator of the AN/PRS-9 Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System (Bais) and the AN/ GSQ-257 Unattended Ground Sensor Set, which is part of the US Marine Corps' Tactical Remote Sensor System.
Unattended ground sensor systems like MIUGS and those under development for the US Air Force's Advanced Remote Ground Unattended Sensors program can similarly guide UAVs to refine their area of surveillance, giving them an electronic heads-up about where to take a closer look.
In June 2006 Harris signed a license agreement with Telonics of Mesa, Arizona, to incorporate that company's Eagle Intrusion Detection System Unattended Ground Sensor products and technology into the Harris Falcon Watch systems.
The surviving FCS technologies--known as the early infantry brigade increment I--include: a tactical unattended ground sensor; urban unattended ground sensor, the class I unmanned aerial vehicle; the small unmanned ground vehicle; a non-line-of-sight launch system; and, a network integration kit that is designed to tie the sensors in these technologies together.
The L-3 Communications Rembass (Remote Battlefield Acoustic and Seismic System) is a hand-emplaced unattended ground sensor system that also uses magnetic sensors for target detection and classification.
If there is an intrusion that is detected by a fence sensor or unattended ground sensor, the robot can be cued by that alarm to respond, move to a particular position and provide the operator with a video.
ACIN Phase III calls for outdoor network demonstrations, with an eye to the Future Combat System unattended ground sensor requirement.