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UPLUnited Phosphorus Ltd. (various locations)
UPLUnauthorized Practice of Law
UPLUkraine Premier League (football)
UPLUpper Payment Limit
UPLUser Perceived Latency
UPLUnapproved Parts List
UPLUniversal Parsing Language
UPLUpper Payment Limit (Medicaid)
UPLUnión del Pueblo Leonés (Spain)
UPLUnlicensed Practice of Law
UPLUnpaid Leave
UPLUtica Public Library (Utica, NY)
UPLUnit Prevention Leader
UPLUnit Price List
UPLUnsecured Personal Loan
UPLUniversity Press Limited
UPLUser Program Language
UPLUnfunded Priority List
UPLUnion Populaire Locale (Wallis and Futuna)
UPLUpala, Costa Rica (Airport code)
UPLUniontown Public Library (Pennsylvania)
UPLUtah Power and Light
UPLUrbandale Public Library (Iowa)
UPLUsing Profane Language (Quaker religion)
UPLUnited Powers League (Star Craft)
UPLUpper Prediction Limit
UPLUniversal Probe Library
UPLUniversity of Pennsylvania Library (Philadelphia, PA)
UPLUn-equal Packet Loss
UPLUpper Profits Limit
UPLUndergraduate Projects Lab (UW-Madison Computer Science Department)
UPLUtility Partnership Ltd. (UK)
UPLUniversal Programming Language
UPLUnsecured Proxies List
UPLUncovered Portion of the Lunate
UPLUniversal Program License (Ukraine)
UPLUniform Person Locator
UPLUnacceptable Pollutant Level
UPLUnscheduled Personal Leave (also seen as UPERL)
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Although restrictions on the unauthorized practice of law set a boundary for the clinician's role, MLPs have room to expand this role without infringing on activities reserved for lawyers.
210) Even the Federal Trade Commission believes that the competition that these websites provide is better for consumers and has therefore hesitated to describe the services offered by these sites as the unauthorized practice of law.
Underwood, Balancing Consumer Interests in a Digital Age: A New Approach to Regulating the Unauthorized Practice of Law, 79 Wash.
33) Because of this relationship, JAs may unwittingly aid in the unauthorized practice of law if they fail to provide proper training and supervision.
bankruptcy, engaged in the unauthorized practice of law and violations
The proliferation of online document service providers such as LegalZoom offers yet another lens on unauthorized practice of law ("UPL") issues, as well as market forces impacting the practice of law.
As an initial matter, this Comment heavily revolves around the legal doctrine of the unauthorized practice of law.
The Court ruled in part that the use of staff attorneys did not constitute unauthorized practice of law on the part of the insurance corporations.
If these actions are the unauthorized practice of law, is the client denied the benefit of receiving advice from accountants, actuaries, and plan specialists who are experts in their fields?
com indicated that a CPA can avoid the unauthorized practice of law by following four simple steps:
Nevertheless, the unauthorized practice of law is very serious," says Martin, who has represented the Society for 18 years.
We talked about where adjusters get into trouble and the unauthorized practice of law in a rousing exchange that touched on the differences between independent adjusters and public adjusters.
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