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The adjustment of the operation parameters (distribution of the first air and the second speeds, oxygen concentration at outlet of the furnace, etc.) can change unburned carbon burnout [36]; keeping air/coal distribution balance among the burners and matching the operating conditions to the coal characteristics are particularly crucial for UCC-FA [27].
In the experiments, the termination temperature was set to 1400[degrees]C with a temperature gradient of [lambda] = 20[degrees]C x [min.sup.-1] in order to reduce the unburned carbon content.
Si[O.sub.2], [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3], MgO, [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3], CaO, [K.sub.2]O, and unburned carbon were the main compositions in the granules.
Moreover, unburned carbon in ashes was determined and surface measurements were carried out.
Burning wood releases a combination of steam and vaporized but unburned carbon by-products, which solidify and adhere to the flue as smoke moves up the chimney.
The goal of Romero's optimization technique is to leave more unburned carbon in the fly ash, the residue left after combustion of pulverized coal.
By themselves, techniques to control pollutants, such as low-NOx burners (LNB), sometimes increase the heat rate through increased levels of unburned carbon in leftover ash and reductions in steam temperatures.
Tests showed that over half the coal ash was converted into slag, minimizing the overall furnace heat loss due to unburned carbon, averaging less than 1 percent.
Unburned carbon (UC) from coal present in bottom ash (BA) and fly ash (FA) was deter[m.sub.IN]ed by a method devised at our laboratory.
In Woosley's view, the flame acts as a barrier, keeping apart hot ash and the cold, unburned carbon and oxygen fuel.
Removal of unburned carbon from coal fly ash using a pneumatic triboelectrostatic separator // J.