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UNCHUnchanged (stock market)
UNCHUnchecked Letter (crossword puzzles)
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Below is the unique answer, a 1-crossword (a 2-crossword or higher is not possible) with the smallest possible number of unchecked letters, one.
The unchecked letters appearing in the thirty-six triangles whose sides form the border of the diagram may be arranged to spell AUGURERS VALUE SORCERY, SO FAKED A LANGUAGE.
To achieve this requires every letter to appear in both a horizontal word and a vertical word, which is equivalent to there being, in crossword terminology, no unchecked letters (which, in turn, is equivalent to saying that every horizontal and vertical word has at least two letters).
If unchecked letters are allowed (which obviously they are, as the example grid for PILGRIM has three) then there are thousands of solutions if the blanks can be placed anywhere and the first column does not have to spell PILGRIM.
Fashioning a crossword grid with Lingo is a challenging problem even if two- letter words and unchecked letters are allowed, primarily because of the paucity of vowels - the Lingo letter set has just 33 % vowels, compared to 40% for Ro-Let and 46% for Scribe-O and "Rate Your Mind Pal", while a typical crossword grid contains 40-45% vowels.
The unchecked letters in the unclued entries may be rearranged to form the otherwise irrelevant phrase TV GREW ROLLERS.