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UFSUniversity of the Free State (South Africa)
UFSUniversal Flash Storage (computer memory)
UFSUnited Feature Syndicate
UFSUnix File System
UFSUniversal Fighting System (Sabertooth games)
UFSUnited Financial Services (credit union; Scotch Plains, NJ)
UFSUniversal Font Scaling
UFSUniversal File System
UFSUltimate Folding Screen (projection screen)
UFSUnite for Sight
UFSUncoated Free Sheet (paper grade)
UFSUnion Free School
UFSUniversal Frame System (inline skates)
UFSUnited Facility Supply
UFSUnabhängigen Finanzsenat (German: Independent Administrative Authority for Financial Affairs of Austria)
UFSUnited Food Services (various locations)
UFSUrofacial Syndrome
UFSUnix Filing System
UFSUnit Focused Stability
UFSUnion Franco-Suisse (French: Franco-Swiss Union; livestock equipment retailer)
UFSUpdate-based False Sharing
UFSUnder Flying Seal
UFSUniversal Field Services, Inc (Tulsa, OK)
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For Specialty Papers, we are encouraged by recently announced price increases in uncoated free sheet and carbonless products while we remain focused on operational factors that are in our control."
A producer of container board and corrugated packaging products in the US and a producer of uncoated free sheet paper in North America.
Communities making their living in and around the solid wood, newsprint or uncoated free sheet business are taking another hit on the chin.
For some grades, such as newsprint and uncoated free sheet, electronic substitution may have played a role in the recent declines, and countries such as China are increasing domestic production of the packaging for the goods that they export to us.
* One of two paper machines at the Dryden Pulp and Paper mill in Ontario, on April 1, 2006, removing 155,000 tons of uncoated free sheet capacity.
PCA is a producer of container board and corrugated packaging products and uncoated free sheet paper in the US and North America.
By 2003, it became evident to then-mill manager Norm Bush that the perfect storm battering the Canadian forest industry required some creative thinking to reduce costs if the Dryden uncoated free sheet papermaking mill (then owned by Weyerhaeuser) was to survive.
In one of the major office paper grades, uncoated free sheet, the decline that is occurring does not appear to involve any shift to imports.
The use of dual addition points--part in the thick stock and part in the thin stock--has facilitated not only better retention but also higher levels of PCC addition in both uncoated free sheet and coating base stock.
The board of directors of Domtar Corporation (NYSE:UFS) (TSX:UFS), an uncoated free sheet paper company, reported on Thursday a rise in its USD400m share buyback programme.
announcing it will permanently shut down one paper machine, removing 155,000 tons of uncoated free sheet capacity from its operations annually and 80 people from their jobs.