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Just as Seven-Up is the "uncola," we Americans have defined ourselves as the "un-Europeans." Let me offer a set of paired oppositions, which reflect how Americans have seen themselves for the past 100 years or so, relative to Europe (and perhaps other countries as well).
He considers coffee, gin, cola and uncola, water, vodka, wine, and beer.
He said at the time that the word was inspired by a popular commercial for the soft drink 7Up, whose ad agency was differentiating it from the pack by describing it as unconventional, hence the Uncola. And it was a useful--and sometimes in-your-face challenging--play on words that helped to differentiate not-school-at-home from school-at-home.
Just as the uncola has been marketed as a refreshing alternative to cola, the unconference presents the potential of a refreshing way of meeting as an alternative to the structured conference.
Provo, UT-based Nu Skin has embraced the vitality concept in a new supplement product called AgeLoc Vitality, which is geared toward improving what the company calls "the three dimensions of vitality: physical vigor, mental acuity and sexual health." It's meant to be the "uncola" by contrast with energy drinks, according to Kevin Fuller, vice president of global marketing for the multi-level marketing firm.
Holder may have passersby doing double takes because he's firmly established in the pop culture canon: as Daddy Warbucks' bodyguard Punjab in the film Annie, as the henchman Baron Samedi in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die, and especially as the charming actor in the original 7-Up "Uncola" commercials.
(Untruth and unrest are two exceptions, but they involve nouns of one syllable.) Yet curiouser has come to inhabit the lunatic fringe of our language, and the memorableness of unbirthday has been exploited by a soft drink company that wants us to imbibe its "uncola."
Television was like radio, but with pictures, and Seven-Up was launched in the US as 'The Uncola'.
since the striking 6-foot-6 dancer is instantly recognizable to those completely unfamiliar with ballet, thanks to his memorable villain turn to "'Live and Let Die" (not to mention his "Uncola" ads).
PLANO, Texas -- Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverage has given a "natural makeover" to 7-Up, one of its flagship brands, as the lemon-lime soft drink returns to its "Uncola" roots.
Miller Lite's 1974 "Tastes great, less filling" ranked eighth, and M&Ms came in ninth with the well-known "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand." 7-Up's "Uncola" campaign landed at No.
Remember Volkswagen of America, Inc.'s "Think small" and Nike's "Just do it" and 7 UP[R]'s "The UNCOLA" and The Economist's "For top laps." Looking specifically at that last one, if a journal about finance can have some fun within its theme line, so can summer camps.