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Using interest rates on longer-maturity bonds, they found much more support for uncovered interest parity implying that long term carry trade is not feasible.
Miller presents students, scholars, and practitioners with a guide to understanding the uncovered interest parity UIP puzzle and related anomalies in exchange rate economics.
Uncovered interest parity in crisis: The interest rate defense in the 1990s (IMF Working Paper WP/01/207).
A Reconsideration of the Uncovered Interest Parity Relationship.
Therefore, portfolio rebalancing creates a positive correlation between equity market return differentials and exchange rate return, which is counter-intuitive against the traditional uncovered interest parity.
There is still significant academic debate about why the carry trade works and Uncovered Interest Parity fails.
Another test proposed by Svensson (1991) is to compute the expected exchange rate under the assumption of uncovered interest parity.
The four parity conditions or equilibrium relationships upon which RIP is predicated, uncovered interest parity (UIP), ex ante PPP (EAPPP), the Fisher relation in each country (i.
The empirical work abstracts from well-known difficulties with uncovered interest parity, assuming that whatever shocks to interest parity occurred during the sample would have also occurred had the Bank been following an alternative interest rate policy.
The theory of uncovered interest parity says that the currency of a country with high interest rates is expected to decline by an amount equal to the differential in rates over a horizon equal to the rates' maturity.