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UAUnited Artists
UAUnited Airlines
UAUniversidad de Alicante (Spain)
UAUser Agent (web browser)
UAUniversity of Arizona
UAUniversity of Alabama
UAUkraine (ISO Country Identifier)
UAUniversity of Akron (Ohio)
UAUser Assistance
UAUnder Armour (stock symbol)
UAUniversity of Alaska
UAUnified Architecture (open connectivity)
UAUnited Arrows (Japan)
UAUniversity of Arkansas
UARoutine (pilot report message type)
UAUniversidade de Aveiro (Portugal)
UAUser Agreement
UAUrban Area
UAUniversity Archives
UAUser Account
UAUniversity of Aveiro (Portugal)
UAUpper Air
UAUniversity of Antwerp
UAUnd Andere (German: and others)
UAUpper Arlington (Ohio)
UAUnter Anderem (German: Among Other Things)
UAUser Authentication
UAUnmanned Aircraft
UAUnder Age
UAUnarmed (gaming)
UAUniversiteit Antwerpen (Dutch: University of Antwerp; Belgium)
UAUser Acquisition
UAUniversity of Alberta
UAUnstable Angina
UAUser Application (software)
UAUniversity at Albany (SUNY)
UAUnique Advantage (staffing)
UAUrine Analysis
UAUpper Arm
UAUnfair Advantage (CSI Data)
UAUnit Area
UAUnitary Authority (local government area, UK)
UAUniversity of Aberdeen (UK)
UAUser Area
UAUnauthorized Absence (Article 86 UCMJ)
UAUser Activity
UAUnit of Action (US Army)
UAUnit of Action
UAUnintended Acceleration (automobiles)
UAUmbilical Artery
UAUnique Address
UAUnarmored (gaming)
UAMicroampere (electronics)
UAUto-Aztecan (language)
UAUniform Act (Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisitions Policies Act of 1970, as amended)
UAUnits of Account (banking)
UAUnderground Atlanta
UAUnique Applications
UAUterine Activity
UAUniform Allowance
UAUniversal Assessment
UAUnited Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada (Union)
UAUniversité d'Angers (French: University of Angers)
UAUnit Administrator (military term)
UAUnnumbered Acknowledge (telecommunications)
UAUnnumbered Acknowledgment
UAUniversité d'Avignon (French: University of Avignon)
UAUrban Animal
UAUser Agency
UAUltimate Adventures
UAUniversity of the Arctic
UAUnit Administration
UAUpdate Analysis
UAUniversal Adversary
UAUniversal Architecture
UAUniversidade da Amazônia (Brasil)
UAUnbelievably Amazing
UAUtility Accrual
UAUnbalanced Asynchronous
UAUnequal Angle (mechanical material engineering)
UAUracil-Adenine (RNA base pairing)
UAUltimate Adversaries (D20 Star Wars Roleplaying sourcebook)
UAUrauffuhrung (German: World Premiere)
UAUnmarried America
UAÚltimos Adictos (Guatemala rock group)
UAUnable to Approve Arrival for the Time Specified
UAHarley-Davidson World War II 74 cubic inch V-twin military motorcycle model
UAUnnecessary Acronym
UAUniversity of California Audits
UAUnderwriters Accepted
UAUlkomaankaupan Agenttiliitto (Suomeksi) (Finnish Foreign Trade Agents' Federation, aka: FFTAF)
UAUniversal Anesthesia
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The system's operation is extremely impressive to watch on video, but immediately suggests that anyone not under armour cover around that vehicle will have difficulties in telling the story.
Both athletes will now be outfitted exclusively in Under Armour Women's performance gear.
Under Armour searches for authenticity in all of its partnerships so we're thrilled to welcome Cat and Kimmie into the Under Armour family of elite athletes," said Bill Kraus, Under Armour's Senior Vice President of Marketing.
In her role as Vice President of Human Resources for Under Armour, Ms.
Wallace comes to Under Armour after five years as Vice President of Human Resources at Party City, a $1B specialty retailer, having also held executive positions at the Ann Taylor Store Corporation and Liz Claiborne, Inc.
BALTIMORE -- As part of the drive to bring its Universal Guarantee of Performance to playing fields around the world, Under Armour, Inc.
The Under Armour brand stands for authenticity, and Reading and Sale have proven themselves to be true competitors in the eyes of their fans and opponents," said Ryan Wood, President of UA Europe B.
Under Armour to host All-America Baseball Tournament in Tucson, Arizona, January 12(th) through the 14(th)
Under Armour, the Baltimore-based performance innovator, will outfit the nation's top high school baseball athletes from head-to-toe and serve as the title sponsor for nationally-recognized tournaments and teams such as the Under Armour All-America Baseball Tournament, National Tryout Tour, Cape Cod High School Classic and National Tournament Teams.
The Senior Bowl is the pinnacle of collegiate on-field authenticity and we're proud to be on the field with the future stars of the NFL," said Under Armour Chairman and CEO Kevin Plank.
Under Armour completed its IPO on November 18, 2005, nearly doubling its share price from the $13 offering price to a closing price of $25.