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However, several of the defendants said their confessions were taken under duress.
2006) (en banc) (holding that the court could reach the merits of a claim that an arbitration clause was entered under duress even though the same argument could have applied to the contract generally), with In re RLS Legal Solutions, LLC, 221 S.
BEIRUT: The head of the Orthodox Church Thursday distanced himself from controversial comments by recently freed nuns held by Nusra Front militants, saying the remarks were made under duress.
Blackstone followed similar lines by stating unequivocally that a man under duress "ought rather to die himself, than escape by the murder of an innocent.
In other words, we should hesitate before saying that a person who commits an offence against some innocent third party is "justified" simply because it was done under duress.
27) An actor commits a crime under duress when faced with a present, immediate, and impending threat that would induce "a well-founded fear of death or of serious bodily injury if the criminal act is not done; the actor must have been so positioned as to have had no reasonable chance of escape .
O'Connor's barrister Ian West described his client of previous good character, and insisted she was acting under duress.
Bromley was under duress, he compelled her to make an acknowledgement which he knew to be untrue.
Joseph Warren, 30, told gardai he had been acting under duress and Dunne would "take him out" if he didn't turn up that day.
Ronald Towner, aged 25, Birbeck House, Guernsey Drive, Chelmsley Wood, was found not guilty by a jury after he denied producing cannabis on the basis he acted under duress.
53) The Court in these cases examined whether a contract may be invalid because it was executed under duress.
Instead she found herself in Britain, under duress in a brothel.