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However, for those, such as the aforementioned Marine, who receive a discharge that is neither honorable nor general under honorable conditions, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) National Service Officers (NSO) have two ways they can assist.
Veterans who served in a war theater during a time of war declared by Congress or were eligible for hostile fire special pay, were discharged or released from service in the armed forces under honorable conditions, and are determined to be incapable of earning a livelihood because of injuries, disease, or disability.
Counsel will argue that a general under honorable conditions characterization is needed.
The DVA does not make a case-by-case basis determination of one's eligibility for VA disability compensation and health care benefits for injuries incurred during a previous period of service as long as the separation from that period of service is characterized as honorable or general under honorable conditions.
10) It must be noted that the scenario below applies to any injury or disease incurred during a period of active service where the discharge is characterized as honorable or general under honorable conditions.
McLain had hoped that he would be eligible for benefits after his status was twice upgraded to general under honorable conditions.
First, the characterization of service must be honorable or general under honorable conditions.
Alien Soldiers must serve honorably or under honorable conditions to qualify for naturalization based upon military service.
To be eligible for burial, veterans must have been discharged from active duty under honorable conditions and have completed the required period of service.
have been discharged under honorable conditions, (43) to include an
5) The soldier also forfeits his or her voluntary contributions to the program, (6) Moreover, those soldiers with less than six years of service who receive a general discharge under honorable conditions may forfeit their voluntary contributions without the benefit of a formal hearing.
72) Even if the general discharge under honorable conditions comes after the soldier otherwise fully qualifies for benefits, he or she is still ineligible.