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UTCMUnder the Cherry Moon (movie/song)
UTCMUniversity Transportation Center for Mobility (Texas A&M University)
UTCMMaster Chief Utilitiesman (Naval Rating)
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Fusing rock and funk in a way never truly managed before or since, Purple Rain was first and foremost a pop album, with killer tunes and enough single material to keep him in the charts for 1984 and most LIKE Purple Rain a soundtrack - to the wafer-thin Under the Cherry Moon - Parade restored Prince to the top of the charts thanks to the peerless Kiss.
(His latter-day, self-directed cinematic efforts, "Under the Cherry Moon" and "Graffiti Bridge," fared less well.)
Parade, again a soundtrack to Under The Cherry Moon, was a more jazz and soulinfused affair.
Christal Jordan is also an acclaimed media trainer and published author and released her novel Under the Cherry Moon, which is available at Barnes & Noble.
Before becoming a filmmaker, Daniels worked as a music video casting director for Prince, and he continued his work with the artist as associate casting director for the films Under the Cherry Moon and Purple Rain.
To buy pounds 19.99/box set including Graffiti Bridge and Under The Cherry Moon pounds 34.99
Since Otar Left (15) pounds 19.99, A Thousand Months (12) pounds 19.99, Osama (12) pounds 19.99, Avalon (12) pounds 19.99, Purple Rain 20th Anniversary Special Edition (15) pounds 19.99/box set including Graffiti Bridge and Under the Cherry Moon pounds 34.99, Blue Murder series 1 & 2 (15) pounds 19.99, Clocking Off series 1 (15) pounds 19.99, Jonathan Creek boxset (15) pounds 74.99, Murder One case 2 (15) pounds 39.99 complete season one and two-box set pounds 69.99.
Birthdays: 1933: Victor Spinetti, 71, actor, whose films include The Little Prince, A Hard Day's Night and Under the Cherry Moon and The Wild Affair.
CVS shoppers may not know that legend has it that Prince sneaked into the balcony to watch himself in Under the Cherry Moon in 1986, but an airy, two-story space in the store alcove retains the cavernous feeling of a theater lobby.
But I remembered sitting in my pal Sharon's bedroom in 1986 with her copy of the album (she got it first, she always did), poring over the sleeve notes and memorising the words to Under the Cherry Moon and Do U Lie and the breathtakingly brilliant Kiss.