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UTIUrinary Tract Infection
UTIUniversal Technical Institute
UTIUnidade de Terapia Intensiva (ICU in Portuguese)
UTIUnder the Influence
UTIUnit Trust of India (mutual fund)
UTIUnder the Impression (chat)
UTIUnified Theory of Information
UTIUniversal Transport Interface
UTIUniversal Timing Interface
UTIUniversal Transaction Identifier
UTIUniversal Text Interface
UTIUllage-Temperature-Interface (sensor)
UTIUnique Trade Identifier (International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.)
UTIUniform Type Identifier (Apple Computers)
UTIUniversal Text Interchange
UTIUnified Testing Initiative (mobile applications; now AQuA)
UTIUnion Internationale des Télécommunications (French: International Telecommunication Union)
UTIUniversal Transport Interface (Cisco)
UTIUp the Irons (band)
UTIUnderground Technology, Inc.
UTIUnion Territory of India
UTIUnited Telecom Incorporated
UTIUser Test Instrumentation
UTIUpper Tactical Internet (battlefield communications network used by echelons from corps down to brigade)
UTIUnité de Transport International (French: International Transport Unit)
UTIUnder Trust Instrument
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Gania and his mother went to live with Varia and Ptitsin immediately after the latter's wedding, while the general was housed in a debtor's prison by reason of certain IOU's given to the captain's widow under the impression that they would never be formally used against him.
I write this, it is hardly necessary to say, under the impression that, wherever he may now be living, he is settled in the place for some little time.