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IN reply to the letter in the Western Mail by D Hale I must point out that I have never portrayed all Brexiters as poorly educated non-travelling Europhobes but I do believe that many of us who were state-educated were under-educated compared with most of those in the public schools who still dominate our top universities, the officer class of our armed forces, and most Tory governments whose policies are destroying our state schools.
Clare McNeil of the IPPR added: "There are now more people in the UK who are overeducated for their jobs than under-educated.
For Mohammed, Abdullah, and the latest generation of young Palestinians to have grown up in the camp under-educated and unemployed, it is the ultimate means of escape.
"He was just one of an endless supply of angry, under-educated and easily manipulated young men who are fed into the war machine.
All told, 900 million of the world's 1.4 billion children reach adulthood un- or under-educated. According to a forthcoming report from the International Commission on Financing Global Educational Opportunity (the Education Commission), which I chair, members of this neglected majority lack the skills they will need to succeed in a quickly changing global labor market.
Much has been written about Trump's appeal to the white, under-educated, segment of the American population, and about the energy as well as the boisterous, often violent, character of his rallies.
They are not, or are not all, as a glimpse of them at Trump's rallies would at first blush suggest, under-educated, blue-collar, uninformed rednecks.
I mourn the loss of human potential at each child under-educated, each brilliant mind incarcerated, each loving spirit murdered, each heart corroded from fear or mistrust.
The problem with this year's election campaign isn't Trump, but the millions of under-educated citizens who support his policies.
Leeds University seems the place to talk about the recent assault on Corbyn by the writer Martin Amis - who said someone with two Es at A-level is too "under-educated" and "slow-minded" to lead the Labour Party.