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UTEPUndergraduate Teacher Education Program (Harvard University)
UTEPUrban Teacher Education Program (various locations)
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UTEPUniform Tax Exemption Policy (Industrial Development Agency)
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In fact, few teacher preparation programs have a course solely devoted to multicultural education within their undergraduate teacher education program (Chou, 2007; Gibson, 2004; Jones, 2014; Kea, Campbell-Whatley, & Richards, 2006).
Frostburg State University and UMUC will offer an undergraduate teacher education program, while Salisbury University and UMUC will offer undergraduate and graduate (MSW) programs in social work.
From the database at the Institutional Research Office of a single Texas senior-level university, 503 students who had completed the field-based undergraduate teacher education program between September 1,1996 and August 30, 2000 were identified.
Reviewed by Barbara Moore, Undergraduate Teacher Education Program Coordinator, Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, MS
It can mean alternative ways to meet teacher certification requirements--such as a graduate level masters' degree program rather than an undergraduate teacher education program. It can mean alternative standards for certification which allows for truncated or reduced training--or for training completed during the course of a teaching career rather than prior to its initiation.
In addition, the series has been used extensively in the undergraduate teacher education program at the University of Dayton.
The purpose of this study was to compare the academic performance of three student groups within the University of Missouri-Columbia's (MU) undergraduate teacher education program for two cohorts of students.
(1999) The development of technological competence in an undergraduate teacher education program. Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference of the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education, San Antonio, TX.
Through the current study we sought to begin addressing these questions by exploring philosophy requirements in undergraduate teacher education programs at selected Catholic colleges and universities.
A survey was conducted to provide a broad stroke assessment of the ability of Virginia's four-year institutions to accommodate an expanded flow of transfers into undergraduate teacher education programs, and to gain input from four-year institutions on the efficacy of relevant articulation agreements.
Designed for graduate courses in applied linguistics and second language acquisition, or for advanced levels of undergraduate teacher education programs, the text will also be of interest to practicing teachers, curriculum designers, and administrators.
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