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UGTAUndergraduate Teaching Assistant
UGTAUnion Générale des Travailleurs Algériens (French: General Union of Algerian Workers)
UGTAUnderground Test Area
UGTAUpper Grand Trailway Association (Canada)
UGTAUnited Gay Truckers Association
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Students could optionally attend up to three extra credit lectures, presented by the upper-level undergraduate teaching assistants. Extra credit applied in the event a student failed the final exam or missed more than 3 of the 15 required lectures.
We have started to recruit new library undergraduate teaching assistants. Having learned from our successes, we are exploiting the student grapevine to recruit and market the value of working with the library teaching team.
In the lower divisions especially, we are beginning to employ undergraduate teaching assistants (UTAs) to provide supplemental instruction and help for peers, lessening failure rates and increasing retention without decreasing faculty involvement.
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