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UGBUniversite Gaston Berger (French: Gaston Berger University; Saint-Louis, Senegal)
UGBUrban Growth Boundary
UGBUnternehmensgesetzbuch (Austrian Commercial Code)
UGBUnion Gabonaise de Banque (French: Gabonese Union Bank; France)
UGBUnity-Gain Bandwidth (frequencies)
UGBUnité de Gros Bétail (French: Livestock Unit; France)
UGBUnderground Building
UGBUnguided Bomb (gaming)
UGBUniversidad Gerardo Barrios (Spanish: Gerardo Barrios University)
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The topological data for the underground building are constructed based on the method described above, which are a logical NRG and a geometric NRG.
With its origins rooted amid underground buildings and green roofs, the building surely owes something to that memorable burst of designs for disturbingly surreal but formal subterranean architecture, half dug into the landscape by Emilio Ambasz.
Wells says that most of the moisture in an underground building is brought in by people, not leaks or condensation.
The very ingenious mortuary in Leon by BAAS (p43) makes what could have been a municipal and dreary institution in the middle of an apparently tin reconstructed and growing '60s--inspired housing estate into a place of calm and dignity by floating a pool on top, and most cleverly introducing daylight into what is essentially an underground building. The funerary complex at Munich--Riem (p56) by Andreas Meck and Stephan Koppel is a distinguished addition to the modern northern European tradition of buildings that honour rites of passage with quiteness and thoughtfulness.
How is your tax assessor handling cellars, caves or underground building? Often, the building departments don't know about this, or don't want to know, but what if you want to take people on tours?
"A fortified underground building had been constructed in the cellar with a series of lock-on devices into which protesters would have secured themselves to prevent eviction.
The potential claustrophobia of being in an underground building is mitigated to a surprising degree by the generous roof lighting, for there are bands of horizontal glazing three metres wide on either side of each hall, daringly sunk into the plane of the tarmac.
near the building, - cleaning the walls of the vertical part of the underground building, - renovation and
Laboratory building (underground building) (germany-dresden: Siteworks)
172 720 m of bri are to be dismantled on top and underground building substance.
phase i of the campus investment in kecskemt: main construction tasks: - complete construction of an educational building (newly built building) (15 267 m 2 ) including a lecture hall for 500 people - execution of the basement levels of administrative and educational buildings, - construction of a mechanical underground building, - public utility networks, road network design and environmental management.