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UGEXUnderground Experiment
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This system, installed in The Kamioka Observatory, consists of a computational server cluster, a high-speed distributed file system, and a data processing system located at the underground experiment site.
The observational measurements are important because they cast doubt on recent results from dark matter collaborations that have reported detecting the elusive particle in underground experiments.
The survey has long recognised that the North East one of the most attractive locations for deep geothermal development in the UK, though at time they wrote there had been actual underground experiments in Cornwall, which are only just doing now up here.
Conference topics included: advanced detectors and particle identification, astroparticle and underground experiments, calorimetry, high energy physics experiments, radiation damage, radiotherapy and medical instrumentations, software applications, space experiments and heliosphere, and tracking devices.
Of course, the same could be said of Waters' own cinematic slumming, which he says was born out of watching--and loving--drive-in movies, Euro arthouse and underground experiments. "It's easy to shock people by being outrageous and perverse," he says, "but I love the kind of shock that comes from Warhol's soup cans or when Rei Kawakubo, the designer for Comme des Garcons, made polyester more expensive than silk.
Nor are the underground experiments (now called "community-based trials") set up by Delaney and his followers to test the drugs that Corti and others like him were smuggling into the country.
The probe's wide-angle view of dark matter distribution throughout the cosmos complements underground experiments, such as the CDMS project in Minnesota and the LUX detector in South Dakota, which are designed to identify individual particles of dark matter (SN: 5/18/13,p.
Scientists around the world have built giant underground experiments, shielded by soil and rock from the bombardment of other particles, to try to detect WIMPs.
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