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UEUnión Europea (Spanish: European Union)
UEUniversity of Evansville (Evansville, IN)
UEUser Equipment
UEUnione Europea
UEUnia Europejska (Polish: European Union)
UEUnion Européenne
UEUnião Europeia
UEUniversity of the East
UEUniversity of the East (Manila, Philippines)
UEUrban Exploration
UEUniunea Europeana (Romanian: European Union)
UEUnité d'Enseignement (French: academic subjects)
UEUser Experience
UEUpper Extremity
UEUnited Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America
UEUser Error
UEUniversity of Edinburgh (UK)
UEUsability Engineering
UEUnited Empire (Loyalist - American Revolution)
UEUnreal Engine
UEUniversity Entrance (examination)
UEUnknown Enemy (gaming)
UEUse of English
UEUnion Electric (Missouri)
UEUnited Express (airline)
UEUnusual Event (safety and emergency planning)
UEUnit of Employment (US Army)
UEUnit of Employment
UEUnit Equipment
UEUnited Earth (Star Trek government)
UEUniversal English (Adobe)
UEUnified Endeavor (military simulation exercise)
UEUnified Endeavor
UEUniversal Exports (James Bond movie)
UEUnderlying Event
UEUnity of the Empire (descendant of a qualified United Empire Loyalists)
UEUnified Engagement (joint wargame)
UEUniform Elongation
UEUltimate Elektra (comic)
UEUrban Eye
UEUrbaniste de l'Etat (French: Planner of the State)
UEMember of the United Empire Loyalists
UEUnited Endeavor
UEUnit Exhausted
UEUnité d'Endotoxine (French: Endotoxin Unit)
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Search results are sorted so articles of interest to historical researchers will be listed first, taking into account the publication in which the article appeared, how much coverage the underlying event received, who covered the story, and in what manners they covered it.
A lattice model assumes the price of stock underlying an option follows a binomial distribution, a type of probability distribution in which the underlying event has only one of two possible outcomes.
The report also concluded that an underlying event before labor was the primary factor for the outcome in 70 percent of neonatal encephaiopathy cases and contributory in another 25 percent.
The probabilistic nature of the underlying event model also provides a realistic framework for testing the disaster recovery plans via simulation.
Standards setters appeared concerned that the underlying event distorted income from continuing operations.
That period is considered the "underlying event." Property tax revenues will be recognized in that budget period if the tax bills have been sent before the end of the period and the due date, the last day before penalties and interest start to accrue, falls in the period.
Generally, tax revenues would be recognized when: 1) the underlying event takes place; 2) the government has demanded the taxes from the taxpayer by establishing a due date as of fiscal year-end or, for taxpayer-assessed taxes, as of the fiscal year-end or shortly thereafter; and 3) there is acknowledgement of the demand (for taxpayer-assessed taxes).
The company's underlying events revenue was up 3%, thanks to a strong performance in telecoms and a return to growth in Fastmarkets events.
This means that they cannot sustain the underlying events that shape the Earth such as cycling of crustal rock and drifting continents.
In addition, while the underlying events did not occur in this forum, we cannot foresee of any circumstances that would necessitate a visit to the locations of the underlying events.
Herrmann owed plaintiff a duty with respect to the underlying events in this case, Larimer wrote in his 2-page decision.